Monday, January 14, 2013

Black Belt... Boo Yaa!!!!

Well, I have less than two months left till I fly out of this country of Korealand. And all I can really say is 'it's about time'. I have enjoyed it up till now, but things are winding down now and I'm looking forward to the next adventure whatever that may be.

So one cool thing that happened is that, I received my blackbelt and it wasn't just a here is your belt given out of pity from my instructor. I had to be tested and judged by the grand old board of official Korean Black belt people. And I passed, woopie! Now I can take on any evil ninja that might plague me and my sister when we go to Japan :)

As for my adventures this last two, I actually had more failed adventures rather than successful ones. They were still adventures though.

This last weekend I tried to go to the LDS temple for the last time, I say tried because it didn't happen, but not for the lack of trying. So I texted the missionaries to tell them to tell the Bishop that I was going and I guess even though they said they would, they probably didn't send the message along. Because come Saturday morning I found myself standing in front of the Post office at 5:30am and no one was around. All I can say is that I'm grateful for socks because it was a cold morning. When I finally gave up and went home I couldn't sleep so I spent the rest of the day in my room with a massive headache. Bad day right?

But I feel this day was balanced out by yesterday, Monday. I received my black belt certificate, and then I got to speak with my parents. After talking about my return flight they told me that they are flying out to Washington DC the same day that I flew in, that's when they thought to change their schedule a little so that I could go along with them. So I'm going to WA DC the day after I get home from Japan :) After I said goodbye to my parents, I got a call from my sister and we planned more of the Japan trip. I'm getting so excited for these trips that I didn't mind when all my students wouldn't shut up and do their work... or the fact that I had to teach 7 hours straight without a break. But on a good note we were randomly given a meal from Outback steakhouse for lunch, naturally I didn't have time to eat it but magically their was room in our tiny fridge at the school for me to save it in for later. Good things do happen occasionally :)

Okay, not much but there you go. More next week :)

Adventure is out there!

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